Great New Hotel But Nowhere to Park!


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Town and Country Planning Acts Notification of Decision

siena01Bath and North East Somerset Council has received an application for site below:
Site: Kingsmead House James Street West City Centre Bath Bath And North East Somerset
Description: Erection of a 177-bed hotel incorporating conference facilities, restaurant, café/bar and associated facilities, servicing and works following demolition of Kingsmead House.
Application Ref: 10/04867/FUL

Further to our earlier notification regarding the application as described overleaf, we write to advise you that having taken into account all of the representations received, the Local Planning Authority’s decision was made on 30th May 2012 and was as follows:-


Details of the decision can be found on the here on the Bath & North East Somerset Council’s website. The applicant has the right of appeal to the First Secretary of State against conditions or refusals within six months of the Local Authority’s decision.  We will endeavour to inform you if the applicant decides to lodge an appeal.

Rather definite exclusion (pp 9, 10):

Reasons for granting permission:
The decision to recommend approval has taken account of the Development Plan and any approved
Supplementary Planning Documents. The development would accord with guidance within PPS 1,
PPS 4, PPS 5 and PPG13. The loss of the existing office accommodation has been justified in the
context of Local plan employment policies. The use of this city centre site as a hotel is an appropriate
use which accords with policy guidance. The removal of the existing building and the erection of this
replacement building would enhance the character and appearance of the Conservation Area and
would not harm the setting of listed buildings or the World Heritage Site. The proposal to not provide
on-site car parking is consistent with Local Plan and National Policy and the objectives of
sustainability. Highway safety would not be jeopardised by this proposal.

Thanks to Gillie Fisher and Brian Darvell for your contributions here!

Green Park Residents


I have recently created a website for the residents of Green Park. In the time I have lived here myself I have become aware of the need for more communication amongst the residents, and this site is intended to help with this. Like any neighborhood we all experience problems regarding traffic, maintenance, etc. but in addition we have the park itself to think about, and those that use it. The site will also keep us all up to date with related activities and events in Bath.

International Rescue Group

Branding, Design, Graphics, Websites

I am currently designing a website for my good friend Ray Thackeray who is based in California has started up a non profit operation aimed at rescuing victims from disasters at sea. This is an exciting concept, and the project will begin in South East Asia, seems a logical place to start considering events over the last few years! The building of the first rescue boat T2 (named after Thunderbird2) is now well underway. He is a bit of a Gerry Anderson fan as you may have guessed… Stand by for the launching of this one!